Susan Stack, Fusion Movement Pilates Hoop Dance ZenGa Total Barre

Susan B. Stack
Certified Stott Pilates® Instructor
Certified ZEN-GA® Instructor
Certified Hoopnotica® Instructor
Certified Total Barre Instructor
ACSM Certified Health & Fitness Instructor

Fusion Movement is a specialized service created and operated by Susan B. Stack. Fusion Movement offers individual private and semi-private lessons in Hoop Dance and Pilates in Eugene, Oregon.

Susan personally understands the experience of injury due to hypermobility syndrome in various joints. Through Pilates, Susan found the rehabilitation that her own body needed to overcome numerous injuries, which had left her in chronic pain. Wanting to understand what was happening in her own body so that she could help others, she embarked on a professional and personal journey of study ranging from observation with physical therapists to her own teaching of workshops on postural analysis. Susan’s extensive training has provided her with the skills needed to specialize in Pilates for post-rehabilitation. Guiding her clients toward a sustainable life of wellness, she designs Pilates programs for clients that have been released from medical care and physical therapy to help continue their rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.

Susan Stack, Fusion Movement Pilates Hoop Dance ZenGa Total Barre

Susan also enjoys working with clients ranging from complete beginners to more advanced students, incorporating men and women of all ages seeking to improve their fitness levels and activities of daily living. Susan feels that Pilates is so versatile and functional that it can be adapted to accommodate several types of activities and conditions, whether it be training for a triathlon or rehabilitating a spinal injury.

It is Susan’s honor to channel her passion for helping people feel better in their bodies through the application of Pilates for therapeutic movement and functional fitness.

Susan Stack, Fusion Movement Pilates, Eugene, Oregon, Hoop Dance ZenGa Total Barre

About Susan & Hoop Dance

Susan started hooping for fun in December 2008. With her background in teaching Pilates, the transition to teaching hoop dance was very natural. Susan started her official hoop dance training via Hoopnotica‘s Distance Teacher Training Certification program in February 2010. Susan dedicated several hours each week to her teacher training and is mainly self taught through the help of Hoopnotica’s DVDs and manuals. Susan received her Beginning Level 1 & 2 Hoopnotica Teacher Certification in July 2010.

Currently in her own personal hoop practice Susan is enjoying the challenge of working with minis, also known as twins. (Two smaller hoops moving at the same time, one in each hand.) Susan has also choreographed original hoop dance pieces with her former hoop troupe, ‘The Crazy Diamonds’. She loves learning new intermediate and advanced moves that help her grow in her practice so that she can share with others what she’s learned.

Susan finds the movement practices of Pilates and Hoop Dance to be very complimentary to each other.

Pilates helps me connect with my body on a structural level. I then take that grounded feeling to my hoop dance practice and try to create flow around it within my hoop.

Susan Stack, Fusion Movement Pilates, Eugene, Oregon, Hoop Dance ZenGa Total Barre