Purchase Private Lessons

Fusion Movement offers personalized, private Pilates and Hoop Dance lessons, by appointment only, Monday-Thursday. Choose your desired lesson package below.

All lessons are 55 minutes long. Contact Susan today to get to the core of YOUR health and fitness!

NOTE: All purchased packages and lessons must be used within 3 months of purchase.

New Client Introductory Package

Four (4) Private Lessons

This package is for first time clients and is only offered once. Includes an in-depth review of health history and goals, a movement/postural analysis, an introduction to learning basic positioning in neutral spine and how to utilize the breath to correctly recruit core muscles. Susan will begin creating a personalized Pilates program for you based on your health, goals, postural analysis, and movement patterns during these first four lessons.

Total cost of this introductory package is $50 per lesson, for four (4) lessons.

$200 ($50/Lesson)

Pricing & Packages for Established Clients

Single Lesson

For clients on an as needed basis. Discount packages available below!


Package of 6 Private Lessons

$65.00 per lesson for regularly scheduled clients.

$390 ($65/Lesson)

Package of 10 Private Lessons

$60.00 per lesson for regularly scheduled clients.

$600 ($60/Lesson)