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Since taking Pilates lessons from Susan, I've increased my flexibility and strength. For example, I've noticed that it is much easier for me to get up and down from the floor now. My "duet" class partner has said the same. She now has the flexibility to bend and more easily pull on her socks -- very helpful for someone who has had hip replacement surgery! Susan is wonderful to work with! She has helped me so much with strengthening my knees and my back and working to improve my balance.

Anne Michalski    April 29, 2016   

I began working with Susan to regain strength and conditioning after an old knee injury was exacerbated by my long work hours (I own a retail business and am on my feet alot). Over time, I've been more and more unable to exercise in my favorite ways due to that old injury. At inopportune moments, the old injury would flare-up, leaving me limping and in pain. I was initially trying to avoid a knee replacement, but as these flare-ups in creased in frequency, they made it clear a knee replacement ...or something to help... was inevitable. I've been working with Susan weekly to help me get as strong as I can, safely, prior to the surgery which is a few months off. She has helped me get a great workout, strengthen all of the important areas to keep strong, while being very safe... The great thing is that Susan is super creative at finding ways to work an area that needs help, while also being careful to not aggravate an injured area. She has found super-interesting ways to help me keep body parts in condition that are "further up the chain" than my knees while not hurting 'ye old knees! I can now go up and down stairs without pain, which I couldn't do before working with her. I'm confident I will go into surgery in good condition so I heal faster and get back to lifelong enjoyment of walking, and other activities. I am well aware of the long recovery I'll need to anticipate, but I also plan to get back into the studio to work with her as fast as I can after surgery because I know how much it will help my recovery! I'm looking forward to being able to again hike, ride my Elliptigo, do Nia and just walk without pain, thanks to her help in keeping me in great shape before and after the upcoming new knee!

Barbara Gleason    April 5, 2016   

Susan has helped me with strength training and is very particular in how I am performing the exercises while keeping in mind my skeletal "issues". I have noticed I am much stronger in cycling and swimming. She is the BEST! Marilyn

Marilyn Bird Johnson    March 15, 2016   

I have enjoyed my Pilates sessions with Susan. I have had duet classes and private lessons. She as been able to identify my body's strengths and weaknesses and tailor her instruction to best suit my ever changing abilities. Susan has paid careful attention to injuries I have and adapts her instruction to accomodate me. She does a great job at integrating various fitness routines into her instruction.

Stephanie Connor, Private Lesson client    May 26, 2014   

Susan is just great because she works at my pace but doesn't let me flake off when I want to. She works at my level as well, making sure to work around areas that might be too sensitive and modifying everything to do well with my body.

Tara    May 23, 2014   

Working with Susan has been a really great experience for me. Susan is very knowledgeable about body and movement and pays close attention to my posture and form so I can get the most out of every workout. Having that one-on-one contact really allows for a very personalized session where I'm able to concentrate on the areas that really need strengthening.

Since I've started Fusion Movement Pilates I've improved my posture, increased my core strength and my flexibility, and seen a significant decrease in my sciatic pain. Each week I look forward to my sessions with Susan, and the variety of exercises we do keeps my workouts interesting. I love using the machines, but we also do exercises that I can easily do on my own to carry on my workouts throughout the week.

I would totally recommend Fusion Movement Pilates to everyone, especially people with injuries and other physical issues who really need that personalized attention that Susan can give.

Claudia Cooper    May 10, 2014   

I have taken three hoop dancing classes from Susan. She is a patient, attentive teacher & the small class sizes ensure individual attention. You will get the most out of her instruction if you regularly practice on your own. (I've found the Hoopnotica DVDs to be helpful, as well as the tutorials on youtube.) A fun way to exercise and relieve stress, especially during the summer months when class is held outside in the park. Well worth the money.

C.C.    June 2, 2012    Website   

Susan was instrumental in identifying post-partum instability in my hips and pelvic joints. With a combination of physical therapy and Susan's dedication to Pilates I am stable once again. Her attentive and thorough instruction and professional teaching style has helped me develop better balance, posture and core strength! Thank you, Susan!

Effie Siverts, private lessons client    August 1, 2009    Website   

I have been working on a simple dive for the past five summers. I would get pointers from younger family members and practice over and over. Still, I felt clumsy and frustrated. This year I nailed it. Each time I dove it was clean and smooth. I think this is a lovely side benefit of my new hooping skills. Learning hoop dance from Susan has helped me to increase my proprioceptive awareness and this has carried over into other activities.

Frances, age 62, Hoop Dance Student    August 1, 2008   

When I first came, I was nursing a neck injury. Six months later, my neck feels totally fine.

Leslie Shawver, L.M.T.    August 1, 2008    Website   

The individual attention I receive at FM Pilates is far superior to my experience with group lessons. Susan thoroughly evaluated my posture and injury status at the first session and designed lessons to meet my individual needs. As a result, I have improved strength, balance and endurance.

Marilyn Hedtke, private lessons client    August 1, 2008   

Susan pays particular attention to detail, which is very important when choosing a Pilates instructor.

Lois Jost Fraser, Licensed Acupuncturist    August 1, 2008   

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