Hoop Dance

Hoop Dance is today’s modern version of our favorite childhood activity hula hooping. While hula hooping consists of circling the hoop around one’s waist in the same direction, Hoop Dance is a full body workout where the body moves in all planes of motion. Many people who have claimed, “I can’t hula hoop” find that after learning basic Hoop Dance technique that they can indeed “hula hoop” and so much more!

The Benefits of Hoop Dance

  • burns calories while providing a great cardio-respiratory workout
  • builds muscular endurance and tones entire body
  • builds core strength
  • improves balance
  • improves overall coordination, particularly hand-eye coordination
  • improves flexibility
  • improves joint mobility and articulation
  • can help decrease back pain
  • improves dexterity
  • helps mobilize the pelvis and sacrum
  • improves motor skills
  • develops a sense of rhythm
  • induces smiling and laughing
  • releases stress
  • increases the ability to focus and to be present

About SusanBeth & Hoop Dance

SusanBeth started hooping for fun in December 2008. With her background in teaching Pilates, the transition to teaching hoop dance was very natural. She played an integral role in bringing hoop dance to the local community. For several years, she taught multiple group classes, workshops, demonstrations, and private lessons. SusanBeth also founded an original hoop dance troupe, “The Crazy Diamonds” and was the artistic director for the troupe for five years. She choreographed multiple original pieces with The Crazy Diamonds and they performed them in various places, including Dance for a Reason at The Hult Center in 2013 and 2014.

SusanBeth offers private lessons only for hoop dance and specializes in teaching students proper technique and form so that they can understand how to execute certain moves (much like Pilates). She is also skilled and experienced at linking hoop dance moves together to create choreography and adapting particular moves specific to each person. SusanBeth feels that a private hoop dance lesson is very valuable because a student can gain a lot of information in one lesson and progress quickly with such an individualized focus.

All Lessons Are By Appointment Only

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