Pilates is a form of mind-body exercise that enables people to correct muscular, skeletal, and fascial imbalances that affect healthy movement patterns. Susan Beth personally believes that one of the most important reasons that Pilates is such an efficient exercise system is because it is highly proficient at re-training motor control. Pilates requires conscious thought about how to execute a movement, and this helps train the brain to control skilled movement by facilitating its ability to allow muscles to activate in a functional sequence.

Susan Beth begins each person’s journey with Pilates by teaching clients how to utilize the breath to activate deep structural and postural muscles (the “core”). Learning this basic skill of activating core muscles properly is key to stabilizing the spine and overall joint stability throughout the entire body. Pilates lessons often include exercises from the complementary movement methods ZEN-GA® and Total Barre, and Susan Beth feels that both of these methods (especially ZEN-GA®) are very supportive of the body and the intention of Pilates. Each lesson focuses on full-body integration that mimics the spectrum of functional movement because in daily life we are exposed to a wide variety of movements.

Susan Beth breaks down each exercise so her clients truly understand where the movement is initiated from in the body. Her slow and gentle approach to teaching Pilates enables her clients to attain their fitness goals while learning to heal and prevent injuries by improving:

  • spinal stabilization & mobility
  • motor patterning
  • muscle balance & symmetry
  • posture
  • muscular strength & endurance
  • joint range of motion
  • proprioception
  • coordination
  • balance
  • body awareness
  • control
  • flexibility

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